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My speakers and computer sound work fine but spotify makes no sound when I press play Solved! Go to solution. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

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Simon Harris. Everyone's tags 6: Accepted Solutions. My speakers and computer sound work fine but spotify makes no sound when I press play. Everyone's tags 1: This fixed for me: But what I did: Just look better, that's the only thing I like to say now: No sound fix.

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I have exactly the same problem! I'm using the latest version of Teamviewer I've actually been able to do some experimentation:. A group I belong to has been having the same problem since July of over 8 months of no audio now. There are about 30 of us and no one has any audio whatsoever since then. The problem origianlly occur when we were using Teamviewer Teamviewer 11 audio did work great for a long time. We have verified all settings across all our windows machines. Most everone is using windows 7, 8 or We continued to update 11 as updates became available but still no sucess.

This afternoon we tried again after getting the latest updates for TV12 as of today, we are all using TV version On a hunch, we tried conecting a Windows 7 machine to one running Unbuntu Not sure if this is of any help, but it does seem to be a Windows to Windows situation. From what I read here, it seems many are having this touble, too.

Has anyone found a solution to this problem? No audio when I connect to my Win10 system from my Chromebook. Latest version of TV12 just installed today. As an aside audio does not work with Chrome Remote Desktop eitherMy understanding is that this has been an issue with CRD for some time. Possibly the same root cause for both systems?

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I also have this problem. I used to be able to hear sound from my remote computer. All of a sudden that possibility is gone.

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Please get back to me. I found out later that I had been able to hear sound from a remote computer if the remote computer was running Windows Vista or later. Using windows 7 on boths sides. Was hearing the sound from the other side till a few days ago.

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Now I cant get it to work. Please halp. I have the same problem. Everything was working fine until last week. Now I can't hear the sound from the remote computer. Maybe it has something to do with updating the TeamViewer versions?


Clearly I shouldn't have updated them. Also, today I started the remote session and I see all the graphics funny, I don't know what's going on but this is not working well at all. Solved it!!! Uninstalled Teamviewer12 and found a Teamviewer 11 version and downloaded to both computers. Worked like a charm. Try it. I am running Teamviewer version The sound transfer for listening to Youtube videos works correctly.

Perhaps this information helps with troubleshooting. I started having no audio from within my home network about a week ago. All machines running TV12 and Win7. A puzzlement. I remote into my Win 10 pc from my iPad running iOS When playing video on Win 10 the audio was not transferred through to iPad.

This started about two weeks ago. Downgrading from v12 back to v11 on the Win 10pc cured it for me. Not ideal but a temp workaround until they fix the audio issue. Win 10 64 to Win 10 Thanks for all the notes and shared problems. I have the same issue since last week.

Where is the sound?

Finally today while I was going through a forum I noticed someone post about disabling the Sound Enhancer but it was already disabled. But I noticed another setting on the same page. The Play Audio Using: Section was set to Windows Audio Session. I changed it to Direct Sound and tada I can hear sound in iTunes again.


This may work on older operating system versions to. Windows 10 was just what I was using. You might be experiencing a different issue but if this can help one other person its worth it to post especially being a simple thing to check. Posted on Mar 11, 5: Apr 26, 4: I could kiss you I've been struggling with this for two days now, and you just fixed it.

Page content loaded. May 27, 9: Omg, you have no idea how long I searched for a solution to this problem. I uninstalled several times, removed my library folders and eventually gave up for a bit. And it was this simple all along. I feel like I should send you a gift card or something for saving my sanity.

Jun 18, Sep 6, You, good sir or ma'am, deserve a cookie. Thank you for taking the time to post this fix for no reason other than to alleviate the frustration of those whom you have never met. Sep 8, 7: Yes, You deserve a cookie and maybe even some ice cream cake. This has been driving me crazy for a long time. I just deleted EVERY apple file from my computer and reinstalled iTunes and it still didn't work driving absolutely batty.