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A quick button to take the Feeds offline is also available.

Each user has their own preferences when choosing apps. I personally use gReader as it gives me full control over the app and its usage. The list mentions apps that have diverse features and unique designs. You should have your pick. Let us know down in the comments.

The 10 Best RSS Reader Apps in

Image credit: RSS hats in China. For instance, you can bring in both feedly and inoreader services listed above, among several others. I am using Feedpresso: Totally recommend! Skip to content.

What Makes a Great RSS Reader App?

This post was first published in and was updated in April Is this article useful? Yes No. Comments 6. When you log in for the first time, there are some pre-populated lists that you can choose from, or edit. Of course, you can still add new ones if you would like to do so, for a more personalized experience. The overall interface for Pulse is similar to what the app was like before the acquisition, in terms of the blocks of images with the titles in the corners.

So that extra second or two annoys me. Am I being overly analytical?

The best: Feedly

While trying to populate your feed, I do recommend that you create the personalized lists, depending upon the topics. This just creates a more uniform, and organized, experience for perusing your various feeds. Creating a list is extremely simple. Simply tap the All Channels button on the top bar, and select New from the right hand side of the drop-down bar. Then create a name for the List, and then go through and search, and select which sites you would like to follow. I love the ability to save something to Instapaper if I see an article or something that I would like to either read or use for reference later on.

Instapaper is obviously not the only Read-It-Later service available for Pulse. You can also connect Pocket, Readability, or Evernote for saving those articles to read later on. Pulse also has the ability to save your favorite articles directly within the application, and then you can send them wherever you choose, at a later point in time.

InoReader was a service that I had never heard of before, and actually caused a little bit of a delay in the publication of this overview. Upon starting the app up for the first time, the only third party account that you can use to sign into InoReader is Google, other than that, you must create an InoReader account specifically.

The best free RSS Reader apps for Android

Now, out of the box, the application has no clear cut way to create categories, or sub categories, if you follow a lot of different feeds, but it can be done. As for the main page of InoReader, the list that is presented, shows you how many articles are unread, a section for your favorites, and then a list of your subscriptions. You can also create a folder within your subscriptions, for better organization, by tapping and holding down on one of the feeds, and that pops up a dialog box.

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  • The 10 Best Free RSS Reader Apps in 2018.
  • 2. Inoreader!
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From here, you can Unsubscribe, Rename the subscription, Assign to a new folder, or mark all the articles within this feed as read. You have the ability to completely control how the feed looks with a great preview tab. The app is really an all-round winner that includes amazing features for Free, and provides essentially more skins in the Premium option if you would like to further personalize colors and themes. We strongly recommend this app, few downsides we found were sluggish sync for articles, as well as when viewing visual feeds like the 9GAG or Dribble, the app makes a special layout for the header image which for image feeds actually makes it unusable.

Hopefully they will apply this layout only on certain feeds in the future.

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  5. Probably the MOST beautiful app on the list, Readably joined the scene very recently, created and developed by Isaias Matewos, this app will stun you with its fluid and clean UI. Not boasting lots of functionality, yet already a pleasure to use, for those of you who want to join Isaias on his journey, you can install this app and start giving him feedback, we are sure he will be thrilled!

    Fandroids The Wait is Over! Inoreader 6. Stay informed everywhere with Offline Folders. Tooltip bubbles for comics feeds are now available for iOS and Android.

    The best RSS apps and widgets for Android

    A new way to send articles to your mobile devices. The all-new Inoreader for Android is here! Prev Next. Official Announcement: