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Meld is gathered as an additional objective of most missions with a time sensitive restriction. Along with fueling the big rigs, meld also allows you to research various super human abilities to implant into your troops. With a bigger research tree, its more important than ever to be sure to be researching the most important stuff for your strategy and building the correct facilities. With an expanded list of rooms you can build, base management also requires a little more attention.

Some have complained that the added perks you get make the game too easy, but I still found plenty of challenge to be had in rushing through maps to get a hold of each bit of meld I could find. If you are even slightly interested in turn based games, this is not one to miss. TouchArcade Rating: Pocket God. What kind of god would you be? Benevolent or vengeful? Exit Theatre Mode.

XCom: Enemy Within Review

Turn-based games like XCOM are practically made for touchscreen controls, and the implementation here is brilliant. Issuing orders on the tactical map is as natural as can be, particularly given the smart interface layout and convenient shortcuts. The graphics have taken a noticeable step down in the translation to the iPad, almost entirely in terms of the texture resolution.

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Things can get a bit muddy in some of the close ups and cutscenes, but the soldier and alien animations and the effects of the various weapons and abilities make this one of the better looking games on the platform. If you're naming your soldiers after close friends, be prepared to watch them fall - permanently - under a hail of brightly colored laser fire. Despite the lower-res textures in the iPad version, the actual levels are full of interesting visual details and a wide range of environment types.

There's even less variety in the levels on the iPad version than in the PC or console versions, but there are still enough levels that you likely won't be seeing many of the same ones in the course of a single campaign.

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That said, the sheer destructibility of those environments is phenomenal, and the iOS version carries that over. Enemy Unknown one of s best strategy games, it's also one of the most faithful iOS ports I've ever seen. Games Master UK. A fantastic strategy sci-fi blast sumptuously, if not gracefully, ported to mobiles. All this publication's reviews.

Even without the multiplayer or DLC features, it offers more depth than you'll find in most, if not all, other strategy titles in the App store. Despite the lack of multiplayer we expect this to be added in future updates XCOM: Enemy Unknown offers an astronomical amount of content, spanning more than one genre. Having said that, the game is not without problems. Game-breaking bugs are frequent and frustrating when they befall you during important missions. User Reviews. Write a Review. This is the way X-COm should be played.

XCOM®: Enemy Within

With touch controls, retina graphics for detailed maps and characters, and quicker loading times. The This is the way X-COm should be played. The Having a big price and huge GB taken away from your ios device, XCOM enemy unknown is simply the best game ever made for the ios platform. Stunning visuals, great graphics and engaging sci fi story lives up to its merits. A Fantastic port of a fantastic game.

Other than a few crash issues which I'm sure will be ironed out with an update there's nothing A Fantastic port of a fantastic game. Other than a few crash issues which I'm sure will be ironed out with an update there's nothing negative to say about this game.

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I was initially hesitant to buy this App because of my screen size I'm playing on a 4S but as soon as I booted it up and got into my first encounter my concerns were allayed. So, get this game. Fantastic game. This is XCOM. But there is the conterminous issue of the "fatal crash error" that arises on some iOS platforms.

My iPad mini Fantastic game. My iPad mini being one of them. I have found that you must restart your device, clearing the driver, before the game will function properly. I still have occasional issues, but for the most part I can enjoy the game. This game is so big, that Apple tech can't handle it. Hey guys why do you hate this game?