Castle clash android and ios same server

My brother, who has a masters in Computer Science, feels that there should be a simple fix for this problem. I was going to recommend Castle Clash to dozens of my friends, but won't until this problem is resolved. Thanks in advance for fixing this problem in short order. Senior Member. This has been discussed before and we are not sure if it will ever happen. The people in the iOS server shouldn't be thrown into the android server though.

Android is way ahead of iOS time wise. The problem isn't "is it possible? If it was going to happen it should have happened immediately upon release. The top players in iOS paid money to compete at the top level and if they were thrown into android world they would not be able to and that isn't fair to them. Anyways, android and iOS don't get the updates at the same time.

How can i transfer my castle clash account from android to ios ?

Don't count on this happening. It is sad you and your brother can't play together on the same server now but I bet you in the future there will be another way you two can play CC together. It is still in testing. Maybe give iOS people that you merge into Android server a boost of some kind, gems to catch up. Figure it out man! Collect anniversary-themed special items to exchange for rewards. New function: Hero Skin Enhancement.

Two new Talents and corresponding Crests and Insignias. Adjusted Lavanica's Skill.

How can i transfer my castle clash account from android to ios ? | Tom's Guide Forum

Replaced the incorrect description of Lv6 Iron Will Insignia. Lavanica 2. You can now convert complete 4-Crest sets into Insignias. Insignias can be upgraded to Lv6.


You can now hire Heroes from a limited pool. Added soccer-themed interfaces for the Events page and Thunder God's Gift. New Decoration: Soccer-themed Hero Statue. Voodoo Village 7. Castle Crisis: Professor Ribbit 2. Friendly Wheel. Salvage rewards and attempts. Two new Talents and corresponding Crests. Glacie 6. Celestial Peak 7. Added an effect that appears whenever you tap on an item in the Warehouse.

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You can now hold up to 9, copies of each item. Reserve Talent. Added Guild recruitment and Guild recommendation features. Relevant Heroes: Storm Eater. New Destiny area, [Ancient Forest]. Arid Ruins real-time 2-player cooperative battle. Heroes Trial Stage L20 unlocked. Two new Talents. Dove Keeper 2. Piblob 3. Two new areas unlocked in Destiny game mode 4. New Valentine's Day-themed Background: Romantic Manor 5.

New achievements for purchasing Gems. Changed main interface layout. New Goblin and Labyrinth Chest added. Sasquatch 2. Ruduff 3. New Events page 4. Destiny 5. Winter Night 6. You can now claim all items from your mailbox at once.

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Two new Talents and respective Crests: Three new Hero Skins. New 7-day Sign-In system. A Salary is paid in Merits, and can be collected once a week. New Achievements for the Labyrinth. Autumn Harvest. Athene Hire with Gems. Creation 2. Labyrinth 3. Smash the marked slab for a chance to win a Thunder God's Gift. Guild Sign-In 5. New Gem-purchase Achievements.

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New Hero Skins for: Various stages unlocked: Added Quick Setup on Hero Bases. You can now set up a list of your Favorite Heroes in Heroes Altar. You can now win rewards according to Flames earned in each Dungeon Set. New Hero Skins. Tutorial improvements. Changed Arena rules. Pit Stains Apex is really good.

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Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted October 4, edited. Device Linking Guide: If you need further assistance or experience any issues with linking your devices, please contact player support via the in-app reporting feature in the in-game settings menu! Everything verified?

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