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Large data sets: A Level students should be familiar with using large data sets to support their learning and assessment of statistics.

Use of technology and calculators: It is assumed that students will have access to appropriate technology with the use of scientific or graphical calculators available for all exams. Mathematical understanding: There is increased focus on problem-solving, mathematical argument, reasoning and modelling.

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Choices at Further Maths: This means that you can choose topics that meet the needs and interests of your students. All the skills standards for Entry 1, Entry 2, Entry 3 and Level 1 are assessed in each task delivered.

Applications of Coulomb's Law - A-level Physics - AQA, OCR, Edexcel

These skills standards are assessed through the application of the coverage and range. The coverage and range is indicative of the type of mathematical content candidates are expected to apply in functional contexts; however relevant content can also be drawn from the National Curriculum levels 1 to 3 and Adult Numeracy standards at Entry 1 to 3.

AS/A Level Maths (from 2017)

These skills standards are derived from the process skills with reference to the differentiating factors which are detailed in the AQA course specification. The skills standards for.

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Contexts which are very familiar and accessible to the candidate Identification of a situation or problem Application of mathematics which is simple, clear and routine techniques and procedures that are specific to each situation. Students working at this level learn the mathematical skills most useful to them in everyday contexts and the world of work.

Students are assessed via individual tasks which have been broken into shorter more manageable activities, making them achievable and adopting a teaching approach that is enriching and engaging for students.

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To apply their knowledge and understanding to everyday life To engage competently and confidently with others To solve problems in both familiar and unfamiliar situations To develop personally and professionally as positive citizens who can actively contribute to society. Provides realistic contexts, scenarios and problems specifies tasks that are relevant to the context Requires the application of knowledge, skills and understanding for a purpose Requires problem solving Assesses process skills and the outcome of their application in different context Covers the three skill areas of the Skills Standards at each assessment and covers all the indicative Coverage and Range statements.

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Learning the importance of Mathematics in their everyday lives Gaining confidence and achieving their full potential The motivation provided by the course which increases their self esteem. Follow-on studies: Completion of an Entry Level in Functional Mathematics can lead to the next level of Functional Mathematics once all components have been attained.


These specifications allow learners to consolidate and apply their prior knowledge, to reason mathematically and to communicate clearly. A course of study based on these specifications will: Level 1 In addition, Functional Mathematics provides a worthwhile course for learners of various ages and from diverse backgrounds in terms of general education and lifelong learning difficulties.

In Post 16 we are consistently keen to promote life skills and independence skills. The key mathematical concepts i.