Palm app catalog download failed

OK can someone tell me if this is correctable or do we have to wait for another palm update.

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Can anyone Help? Go to Solution. Ok I took the gamble and called support back after not hearing from them for over 4 days.

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I got first level and provioded them my case number and waited as they trandfered my call. To run the webos doctor properly please perform these steps: Go here to begin downloding the latest WebOS doctor for Pixi. This will take you to the download screen, click download.

After clicking continue, you will be prompted to enter your serial number, enter it then click submit and continue.

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  • webOS App Catalog, Palm Developer Center down leaving 'install failed' messages in their wake.
  • Java execute and WebOS will run, you first selection is languge, shose englich and click next. Accept the agreement, click accept. On this page Click next. Turn off the device, take off the cover and remove the battery. Replace the cover 3. Hold down the up volume button. Still holding down the up volume button, reinsert the battery. Still holding down the up volume button, plug the USB cable into your phone.

    They say that when performring this all your apps , music and any filoes on the USB will be ereqased. I found that not to be true, all my custome backgrounds ringtones were still intacked, even the free Pandora app was still there.. After all my accounts resynced, I went to the app catalog and once again I could dowenload my apps.

    So alls well ends well.. Even though I was able to get my palm back up to speed, I wish plam support would be a bit better on the job and educate first line on how to explain procedures..

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    Didn't find what you were looking for? While setting the date back to Several users reported "false negatives" - aka, they got the "failed" message, but the App Catalog worked anyway! You too can become an HP Expert! Details HERE! I've tried every solution suggested anywhere, including a total restore. The app catalog will not install, period. Fails every single time. Yes, the date is changed. None of my apps will update either.

    When is HP going to find a fix besides "Change your date"? What good is a tablet if you cant download anything.

    Error on page. Please be patient, we are fixing this!

    In my particular case, I turned out to be one of the "false negtives" reported in a previous response. Even though the App Catalog installation appeared to have failed, the App Catalog works just fine. I can't explain it, but it's true. If I had a "False Positive" on the app catalog update, all my apps wouldn't be failing and i wouldn't be bothering with all these posts.

    The issue you're tallking about has been reported on several boards and is irelevant here. JWCoyne's post is relevant. He has now verified what I posted earlier. They are basically history. A Starbucks section helps ensure you're never without a latte when in need. Local traffic can be found in the Traffic section.

    And the Yelp. The app has a fairly detailed News section, where you can pick from U. The Palm Pre doesn't ship with any games, but thankfully, App Catalog already has a few third-party options listed. One that caught my eye is Speed Brain, which is a very basic matching game that claims to "provide a mental workout that will help you quickly understand information and react to it. I'm not so sure of the validity of that statement, but Speed Brain is fun. The concept is simple: The game shows you a shape on the main screen, when you're ready to start, you tap the screen and another similar or identical shape appears.

    webOS App Catalog, Palm Developer Center down leaving 'install failed' messages in their wake

    If the shape is the same, you click the Match button. If not, you tap No Match. The object of the game is get more and more correct answers in the 45 seconds you're allotted.

    Fix Google play store error 495 while downloading or updating apps

    The game keeps track of your high scores and even gives you a "percentile" rating so you can see where you stack up against other players. And after time, Speed Brain creates a "Brain Profile" that lets you track your progress and compare performance and check percentile data. Former CIO. Al also managed CIO. Al resides in Boston and is a passionate reader, traveler, beer lover and Red Sox fan. Current Job Listings.

    Sporting News for Pre: Sporting News Pro Baseball for Palm Pre Screen Shots The free app not only provides the basics like league-wide scores and statistics, users have easy, one-click access to news from around the American and National leagues, as well as team-specific stats and rosters, schedules and standings.

    Get Connected on the Go LinkedI n is one of the most popular business-oriented social networks, and the LinkedIn for Pre app gives you access to most all of its basic features from wherever you have wireless connectivity.

    Sporting News for Pre: Everything Baseball

    LinkedIn for Palm Pre Screen Shots A tiny Inbox icon in the bottom right corner lets you check your inbox for new messages with a single click. Flixster for Palm Pre Screen Shots Flixster delivers location-aware search results for movie show times, along with descriptions of popular box office films and theatre information, with maps, so you can find your way to the movies wherever you may roam.

    You can also watch a number of trailers, though the ones I checked out were poor quality. Twitter via Pre The central motivating question behind the popular "micro-blogging" service Twitter is this: Tweed for Palm Pre Screen Shots Thanks to Tweed, Pre owners can share and communicate with their followers, on the go or otherwise, via an intuitive and easy to use—if a bit barebones—Twitter app. Next read this: Mobile Software.