Samsung galaxy s2 country of origin

In fact, stop buying anything that was imported or shipped in a freight container. Those containers are all made in China. It doesn't matter where it made. We all know as a fact the best electronics come from Asian countries. Even Intel makes many of its chips in Malaysia and Singapore, as does everyone.

Even though most of the Asian cultures don't like each other, money is a communicable language that can be agreed upon by all for the right price. Foxconn is chosen by most PC suppliers and some phone suppliers due to the fact they have the most factories available for assembling components. The entire reason companies started making a massive shift for production in Asia, was because of the cheap labor. It wasn't because of some belief that Asia was this bastion of technological prowess.

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Any other claims are purely revisionist history. Cheap raw materials and low tax.

How to learn where and when your Samsung device was manufactured, and other interesting info

I doubt anyone thinks that Asia is the bastion of technological prowess, one may single out Japan though. Exynos Note 4 made in Vietnam on the 24th February Just installed this. Says that headphones were connected 3 times to my GS5, which I never did. Maybe during the testing process at the factory?

How to learn where and when your Samsung device was manufactured

Someone always has to complain about something. Please tell us all what manufacturer will even give you access to any of this info. Go on. I'm waiting. Doesn't show the country of origin on my Verizon Galaxy S4. Does show a manufacture date of Apr 19, I got the device first week of June, Want to comment?

Please login or register. So what can I do to check the origin or update it without rooting?

How to learn where and when your Samsung device was manufactured, and other interesting info

Ive checked in sammobile using firmware, csc, etc and nothing was found Thanks in advanced. Join Date: Dec Check where was it made. You won't know what was the first firmware it had because android overwrites firmware with firmware. You could track the IMEI, but that's a hassle. Sent from the little guy. OP Junior Member. Feb And how should I update with odin? Of course. You can flash whatever ROM you want. For guides, check the general forum or FAQ all sticked threads. Worked flawlesly! This information will be useful if you ever need to revert to the factory firmware on your device.

Next up is a section with detailed information about your device's hardware.

Then finally, you'll find a "Usage History" section that tells you how many times you've plugged in your headphones and how many time's you've recharged your device. What was some of the most interesting information that you discovered about your device while using this app?


Hi Dallas, thanks for putting us onto this app it's interesting to note some but not all is different being in different countries. The counters on charging and the ear plugins amuse me never did I think of counting how many times I have plugged it in times wondering what I have done with the rest of my life.