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There are a variety of other features, such as the ability to track your income and transfer between accounts, set a yearly, weekly or daily budget and to send an alert if you exceed it. You can sync your account via an email account or back it up to either an internal SD card, Dropbox or Google Drive. AndroMoney was obviously built to be a general finance app for personal expenses, but it is flexible enough to be used efficiently for business expenses as well, especially if you're tracking expenses on an individual basis. It doesn't have any kind of OCR ability, and it has only very basic expense reporting features, but otherwise, it could work nicely for many users.

There are two apps called Expense Manager in our roundup. Like AndroMoney, the Expense Manager from Bishinews is a personal expense app that can also be used — quite efficiently — for business expenses. Expense Manager by Bishinews lets you enter a wide variety of categories, subcategories and other data left. The crowded but informative main screen gives access to recent expenses, the various app features and different accounts right.

The app opens on a comprehensive page that contains two rows of buttons that lead to a variety of functions, together with a listing of your balance, income and expenses for the week, month and year to date.

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If you scroll down, you'll find two charts that offer graphic views of the data. A plus button on the right corner of the screen leads to an entry page that offers a variety of fields, including date, amount, payee, category and payment method. You can categorize each entry as either expense or income. You can add a photo of a receipt as well, although there is no OCR ability. Like AndroMoney, Expense Manager offers a wide variety of pre-entered categories and subcategories — for example, when I tapped on the Travel category, I was offered subcategories such as Airplane, Car Rental, Hotel, Food, etc.

A plus sign on the category page lets you easily add a new main category.

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However, editing a category or adding a new subcategory is a little complicated: You have to first select Edit from the three-dot menu on the top of the screen and choose a category from there; you can then edit both that category and its subcategories. One nice feature is the ability to create more than one account — for example, you could have one labeled "Personal Expenses" and one labeled "Business Expenses.

Another is autofill — you can create a list of pre-entered expenses and then choose the one you want to use when needed; you can even have an entry automatically filled when you select a specific payee or payer. Unfortunately, while the app is up to date, its user help files are not. For example, when I was looking for information on creating a report, the manual told me to go to an Account Activities page that isn't labeled as such. The Excel reports include the receipt images in a separate ZIP file. You can also access a wide variety of report types by going to the Summary button on top of the main screen; these are exportable in HTML format.

2. Zoho Expense

There are plenty of other features in Expense Manager, including tools such as a basic calculator, currency converter, tip calculator always handy and a credit card payoff calculator. You can set up a PIN for security, back up your data as a CSV file, sync with Dropbox or save to Google Drive, set a daily reminder and tweak the look of the main page.

It just takes a bit of exploration.

Top 5 Best Business Accounting Apps For Small Business in 2018 That Your Conscious Would Agree With

Expense Manager by Bishinews is a flexible, feature-filled app that is suitable for both personal and business expenses. Rawpixel CC0. Current Job Listings. All the apps were tested on a Huawei Honor 6X smartphone running Android 7. Abukai Expenses Abukai is a company that sells a number of business productivity products, one of which is Abukai Expenses.

IDG Abukai concentrates on photographed receipts, but you can add an expense by typing the info into a note field left. Don't type in those receipts from your wallet. Instead, here are seven of the best expense reporting software, with tools for freelancers, business teams, and even those who need to track miles driven. They're the tools your business needs to perfect the expense reporting process and give your team more time to do their jobs.

After years of manually keying in expenses after each business trip, it was time to find a better way to create and process expense reports. We researched and tested twelve expense report apps and narrowed our favorites down to the top seven. Criteria for expense reporting apps to make it to the top seven include:.

These apps each help you track expenses—with many of the same features such as importing expenses and tracking mileage. Then, they each have their own special focus, with tools to use GPS to track miles, scan receipts from your phone, and more. Expensify makes expense reports practically write themselves. When a purchase is made, Expensify will automatically log the purchase amount, attach the receipt, and sends it to whoever is responsible for approving purchases.

Expensify has other cool features, too, including Applicant Reimbursement. This lets you create temporary Expensify accounts for job applicants when they travel to your office for interviews, or consultants who are working with your team on a short project. Your team can set per-diem spending limits, and applicants are reimbursed to their checking account the next day. Your finance department will love Expensify.

It integrates directly with QuickBooks and other financial software your team is already using to easily balance books at the end of each month. Expensify Price: Have a company card? Zoho Expense is the expense tracking app you should use.


It integrates directly with most major corporate credit card issuers in the United States, Canada, and Europe, and automatically pulls in your credit card purchases each day. All you have to do is code the expenses and add pictures of receipts using Zoho Expense's mobile app, or upload scans from your computer. Zoho Expense is best on mobile. Not only can you scan receipts, but you can submit full expense reports and track miles driven on the job.

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You can even submit and approve expense reports from iMessage on iOS. Zoho Expense Price: For better insight into your company expenses, look no further than Xpenditure.

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Not only can you record expenses on the mobile app and website, you can also forward receipts to Xpenditure via email. This makes it easy to expense hotel stays, airline tickets, and Amazon purchases without having to upload a receipt manually—just forward the receipt from your inbox. You can then break down employee purchases by category, projects, or office location, giving you useful data for future budget planning and an easy way to track where company money is going.

Xpenditure Price: Anyone who drives for work knows how tedious logging miles can be. There has to be an easier way, right?

The 7 Best Expense Tracking Apps for Smarter Business Travel

For example, it allows you to establish budgeting categories, so you can track the types of expenses you or your employees are incurring. It also has a built-in exchange tracker, which allows you to input expenses in any currency. Certify is another great choice for small businesses to capture and track expenses more effectively.

This is another cloud-based platform that helps employees rapidly capture and send expenses incurred on business travel. Certify allows for receipt capture on mobile apps, faxes, and scanners, and additional software, such as ReceiptParse and ReportExecutive, can enable companies to automate their expense tracking much more effectively as well.

Certify can really help business travel, a critical component of any successful company, more manageable for firms with a lean front office. If you are already using Evernote to connect your employees together to collaborate more effectively, then Receiptmate may be your expense-tracking app of choice. A fully integrated Evernote client, Receiptmate allows you to scan receipts into Evernote, tag them, and even track expenses by category.