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Direct Download. Older versions can be downloaded from our downloads archive , but we do not support these versions. At our Bible college, we decided to switch to OpenLP because it was free.

Tamil Christian Wallpaper

We found it to be feature-rich and easy to use. It's also constantly improving. Hello, I love your software! Praise the Lord. The fact that you all are willing to provide this for free is amazing. OpenLP has made a tremendous positive impact on our services.

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The singing has increased tenfold as even those with poor eyesight can clearly see the onscreen lyrics. I have been using OpenLP for a couple of years and I found it very easy to navigate and despite never having used this type of software before was able to get a service up and running in a couple of minutes once I had installed the program. Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for a great product.

I'm traveling around to small churches helping them upgrade their media environments. With little or no budgets, OpenLP has been a great help. I wish I could capture the look on a pastor's face when I tell him it's a free software.

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Sunday morning I set the up projector, gave a 10 minute lesson to the young lady who does our overheads. Everything went smoothly. She was so excited, the congregation thought it was great, our priest was ecstatic. Empower Your Church Experience the power of open source in your church with worship presentation software designed to fit how you want to run your service. Open Source OpenLP is an open-source presentation platform created for use in churches large and small. Remote Control Control your presentations from anywhere using OpenLP's first-of-its-kind remote system.

Songs Import songs from a variety of sources, tag verse types, set ordering of verses, add formatting, manage authors, search through songs and even add backing tracks to songs for when your band is on holiday. Bibles Import Bibles from a number of formats, or even download a few verses you need from a Bible site, display verses in varying formats, easily search verses by scripture reference e. Pictures Import pictures into OpenLP and organise them into folders.

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Stage View Built-in stage view accessible from any device with a web browser. Select a platform from the options above.

OpenLP only supports the most recent Fedora release. OpenLP only supports Debian unstable. Kudos to OpenLP!

OVH Public Cloud, now in Singapore!

Good Work! Fantastic Software! A Huge Blessing! Great Product! Used by churches worldwide!

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Slides Premium. Social Premium. What People Are Saying "A great blessing!

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Watch Testimonials. Motion Loops Premium. Experience LiveSwap Easily customize graphics or create your own. Limited Time. Photos Premium. New Design. Grow Your Church With Professional Church Media Growing a church takes more than just faith and dedication - it also takes a smart approach to presentation and communication.