Ios 6 mail notifications not working

Not sure what to do? I get emails all day. I need this to work. Figured it out.

no notifications or sound in mail in iOS … - Apple Community

I had to delete all mail accounts and re-add them. It now works. Sucks but it is what it is.

How To Get Push Mail Notifications On iPad/iPhone

Adding the account again seems to have fixed it. This is exactly my pattern.

Deleting accounts, rebooting, changing notifications all had no effect. It is only the iOS mail app. Other mail apps working properly. Exchange notifications were horribly broken for me for most of iOS 10? Mail is like the most important thing any working person uses. It's weird that it would occur after the specific update. Have you enabled per-account rather than just system wide? I have 3 emails and work is the only one I had to show emails notifications.

Never changed any settings.

How to Fix Notifications Not Working in iOS 12/11/10 for iPhone iPad

The only thing that changed was iOS update. Since the update Is when the notifs stopped coming. I hear the sound but no Notification Center, banner, lock screen notifs.

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I even tried enabling ALL accounts and neither work as well. But I may roll back to This is getting ridiculous. The damn bicycle bell goes off even though I have it set to none for sound and none for vibration. Guys, found the solution. Wonder why they made this overwrite all other mailboxes notifications settings when you cannot make any mailbox your favorite.

Thanks for the tip! Favorite Mailboxes are ones that you have checked off to appear at the top of your Mail Mailboxes screen.

Email Push Notification Not Working in iOS 11.4? Here Are 6 Tips

My Favorite Mailboxes notifications were turned off - I'm not sure if this setting screen changed at all between And thankfully, even though it says "Favorite Mailboxes Settings will override all other Mail notification settings" - that is not the case. Even with Favorite Mailboxes notifications now turned on so that I can receive banners and lock screen alerts for some of my accounts , I do not receive any notifications for the account I have turned off which is what I want. Somehow I still think this is a bug.

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  • 6 Solutions to Fix: iOS 12/12.1 Notifications Not Working on iPhone/iPad;
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I had updated my iPhone 8 to iOS Any ideas? Just like the user above, many iPhone iPad users have found that they are not getting notifications after upgraded to iOS 12 or iOS If you are also experiencing iOS 12 or iOS There are various ways you can solve the issue.

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If your iPhone or iPad were on Silent Mode, there would be no sound when the notification is created on your device. So, make sure that the Mute switch on the side of your device is not on. A stable network connection is the most basic requirement for notifications, so make sure that your device is connected to a strong Wi-Fi network or cellular data. If you have enabled Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhone or iPad, then it will prevent the device from alerting you each time there is a message, notification, call or other notifications. In this case, just disable this feature will easily fix the iOS 12 or iOS