Jailbreak nokia lumia 800 dload

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If you have a Nokia Lumia or that appears as "Qualcomm" when following these instructions , and you're willing to take some early-bird risks, you may be able to interop-unlock your device. So biktor gj on XDA Developers noticed that his Nokia appeared as a Qualcomm storage device when he put it in bootloader mode and connected it to his Linux machine.

That means you can actually write data to the device, allowing custom ROMs and more. Unfortunately, there's a catch. If you have a newer version of the device, or have ever used the Nokia Care Suite to update your device, you're out of luck.

Lumia 800 and 710 ‘Jailbroken’

Download the firmware from this Russian site. Using the Nokia Care Suite, flash the firmware to your For Linux, excecute: Filed in: About Tarandeep Singh Independent software Entrepreneur and software developer at premier Fortune 20 company. Full time Geek. Related Posts Level up: Nokia 5. Review Nokia 8 Sirocco: Review Nokia 8: Bookmark and Promote!

Custom rom nokia lumia 800 dload

Download from here and choose the files for your phone. Step 2. For Windows, download this tool.

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For Linux, excecute:. Step 3.

When your phone vibrates, let the Power button go while maintaining your grip on the other two. Your phone is hard reset. More info is available at source XDA forum.

February 21, Tarandeep Singh on April 16, Lumia devices indeed deliver the best hardware design and form-factor.