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The main storyline is connected with choosing a hero and going through levels that are taken by bosses. Apart from the main storyline, there is so much more — taking some freaky pet for a walk in fantastic environments, customizing the details of your character, such as costumes or equipment, various playing modes from PvP to 3V3, and a lot more!

Unfortunately, the game is not available offline. So, another great free RPG for you! Train them and see how easily they win battles with enemies or other players like you! Once you collected your dreamteam, you become almost invincible.

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With lots of cool environments as the one behind, it is just inevitable. Less popular but still cool! Pocket Rogues is partially action, partially RPG game with retro style graphics.

Top 25 2D Modern Platforming Games For iOS & Android

The game is so dope! Yeah, right, dungeons. The game represents an endless journey through a dungeon that was once full of treasures and good adventures. Some evil wind brought evil forces to the place, which are now in control.

1. Eternium

Dare to fight the evil! Topple the bosses, fight the monsters and get through this marvelous labyrinth. You can also be involved in a castle building activity. All in all, get the game and enjoy the adventure! I mean, Pocket Rouges has all the chances to make you glued to the screen! One more retro style 2D app game. This one reminds a fairytale. Well, actually, most RPGs remind fairytales. Just a nice thought that came into my head.

Even not fairytales, but rather comic books. You find yourself in some freaky environment like the Middle Ages and you got to train heroes and win the evil just like in good Marvel movies. You can travel through an amazing world of this game and store your adventures at the so-called Tavern. Get KoPP today and have a nice experience with it! Postknight is a cute little game about a cute little knight who makes deliveries to the kingdom of Kurestal. Along the way, he meets different characters — all of them got a good story to tell. There are battles as well, of course.

Each delivery levels you up and improves some of your characteristics. The game comes in small pieces, so you can play it whenever you have a couple of free minutes! It is a true pocket game. Get it now and discover a new way of how to have a good time while waiting for something! But if you have some money to waste, you might wanna download it. Besides, it is just one-time payment, no in-app purchases. The game is super addictive — it makes you really immerse in its colorful world of wonders and adventures. Your company is a knight Angelo, a naughty guy Jangus and a magician Jessica.

There is no need to wait! Dungeon Hunter 5 is an amazing action-RPG game with high-quality graphics and easy controls. The game looks great — it is beautiful, well-developed, just fine. It invites you to join a million army of bounty hunters to fight monsters, flying beasts, devil minions and other ominous creatures. Why a million army? The number of downloads is truly mad! And we think this is an indicator of quality. The game gives you a lot of opportunities — as usual, you got to train heroes and unlock their powers in order to battle enemies with confidence; then, of course, the heroes need a place to rest, so it is your responsibility to build a stronghold or a fortress for them; the most important and the most exciting part is wars and battles when you gotta stand on two feet to defeat the evil.

You can make your friends join you, which will make the game even more fun. Whether to get this game or not is your choice! Just remember, the rise of darkness in a dungeon world is always a great chance for hunters to reveal their forces. Some fight for good. Some fight for gold. What are you going to be like? Toram Online in one more popular RPG. But, unlike the previous one, it reminds more of a simulation game rather than action, although there are elements of both. The game has a girlish or kind of anime vibe, like, for example, you can create your heroes and dress them up as you like — there are 50 billion dress patterns!

Now, come on, this gotta be an exaggeration! Other signs of simulation in this game are an ability to create your original land and an ability to raize captured pets on this land. How cool is this? There are battles, of course. So, what is this all about? The story goes like this: All the nations were destroyed. Like there are no Chinese, Russians or Americans anymore. All the people became divided into 4 groups. Well, for us, it surely does! Let yourself explore this wonderful beautiful 3D world.

In fact, there is a good story behind the gameplay. It turns out that your stay on a strange island that reminds of the Dark Ages is not a coincidence. There was a cataclysm that killed most of the humans. The only survivors are those who managed to sail away on this very island, the conditions of which are hardly adequate for living. As a result, there appeared 4 exiled kingdoms that are in a constant state of war between each other.

You are not interested in all this bullshit. Your only goal is to survive and get as much gold as you can. While chasing it, you are going through missions and choosing between different options of how to continue your journey. Most of the time you find yourself in a dungeon crawl, trying to escape traps and looking for secret doors. There is just one character. You can develop him, choose adequate weapons for him to fight with and so on.

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Ominous music adds up to your experience! Download the game now and get through this dangerous adventure! Well, most people know what Star Wars series is about. The AppSir Prequel. Please Close This Page. AppSir, Inc. Adventures in Equica: A young pony mage prepares for an epic quest Laser Unicorns FTW. Yotes Games. Tectoy Version! Studio Vetea.

15 best retro games for Android

Park Cleaner -mockup-. Park Cleaner is a platform game mockup with retro style. Dash away your enemies in this endless dungeon survival! Mushroom Heroes. Mushroom Heroes is a puzzle-platform video game. Ammo Pigs: Juicy smash 'em up, rescue op. Cascadia Games.

Retro pixelated Platformer located deep inside the caves. Goricina Productions. The free version gives you a fairly large trial with two character types of play with. The full version unlocks everything. Take a break and check out some more excellent Android games! Evoland Price: Evoland is a quirky and fun RPG that borrows from a ton of different games in a very unique way. The only potential downside is that this is one of the shorter RPGs on this list. Fire Emblem Heroes Price: You start out by collecting some heroes and then you go through the story line. It's a gacha game which means you'll spend most of your in-game currency trying to collect more powerful characters.

It features tons of cameos from prior Fire Emblem games and the story line is completely separate from the other universes. It's a shockingly smooth freemium game and probably the best in its genre. Just look out for the usual freemium pitfalls while playing. Inotia and Zenonia Price: Each franchise has about half a dozen games, each with their own set of features that set it apart from others in the series. That means you have a lot of options. However, Inotia 4 and forward along with Zenonia 4 and forward have been updated relatively recently. That's a good three or four RPGs that are worth trying out.

Both games are a little basic, but they have tons of content that'll keep you playing for a while. They're also freemium games for what it's worth. Kemco collection Price: The studio specializes in RPGs and they currently have dozens of games in their repertoire. There are even a few that are free. None of them are bad, but you may or may not like them based on your preferences.

You can click the button above to view their entire collection. This gives you control over things like whether or not you want to fight a battle.

It's one of the most unique RPGs on the list. Here are some more excellent Android games! Pixel Dungeon Price: Pixel Dungeon is an open source RPG. That means its game code is published for all to see. As a result, there are several versions of this available on Google Play. Of course, the original is fun as well. We're not going to lie to you. These are some challenging RPGs. They're dungeon crawlers where you run around, find treasure, and more. The games are all free with optional donations if you want to show your support.

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It's a great option for people on a budget. Portal Knights Price: Portal Knights is one of the newer RPGs on the list.

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It also has sandbox and action game elements as well. It features a lot of the standard RPG elements along with randomly generated sandbox worlds, boss fights, hack-and-slash mechanics, local multiplayer over WiFi, game controller support, and more.