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Character creator themed around cute and creepy monster girls! Wholesome Cats. Cute, kind RPG: Explore, befriend, then collect loving cats! Angela He.

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Game for a Cause. An experiential quest game allowing the player to get into the shoes of a missing girl. Sage Fusion. A hybrid of RPG, adventure, and visual novel. Heroes of Dire. A dark fantasy online world torn apart by powerful guilds, wicked gods, and eternal warfare! Live Portrait Maker. Create your own fashionable, animated 2.

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Eons Lost: Wrangle monsters and find your way home in this mobile turn-based RPG! I Wanna Be A Hero.

10 Best FREE iOS & Android Games of January 2019

Do you have what it takes to be a hero? Zombie Rogue. A turn-based survival and strategy game built for fast play and massive amounts of replay value. Chroisen2 - Classic styled RPG.

The 15 Best Free Mobile RPG Games for iOS & Android Phones in 12222

Ethan ko. Path of Adventure. A text-based roguelike, for mobile. And it's really good.

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An excellent dungeon crawler that's been finely honed for mobile play - all topped off with a sharply written story. Like Knights of Pen and Paper only with a sci-fi theme, Galaxy of Pen and Paper once again tips its hat to the fine tradition of table top role playing in trademark cheeky fashion. A remarkably confidentand generously proportioned free-to-play midcore RPG. Build your team of warriors and send them into a succession of beautifully rendered battles.

Best iOS RPG Games

As delightful a distillation of the action RPG genre as you're likely to find on any platform, Cat Quest takes the essence of Zelda and adds a bunch of cute cats. You couldn't accuse Square Enix of not putting the mileage in with this port, which completely rebuilds the original Final Fantasy XV console game for a mobile audience. Marvellous visuals, intuitive controls and immediately accessible gameplay really suck you into its world.

Originally plagued by glitches on iOS, this classic J-RPG casts you as Neku, a loner who loses his memory and ends up working with a shadowy group known as The Reapers. It's set in an alternative world where fashion plays a part in your combat skills - wearing uncool clothes can slash your damage bonuses.

A port of one of Square Enix's cult classics, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth mixes side-scrolling RPG combat with a bracing twist of Norse mythology and a thoughtful story.

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A big budget casual RPG that doesn't disappoint, either with its blockbuster presentation, its crowd-pleasing premise, or its fluid team-based battles. A huge roguelike RPG with a lot more to offer than you'd originally think. The game's simple tappy combat system hides layers of nuanced strategic consideration. A brilliant roguelike RPG with a striking abstract visual style and a surprising amount of strategic variety.

All of the monster battling, OCD-inducing crafting, and zaniness is present here - just with some slightly iffy controls. Hook up an MFi controller to fix that. It's also got a surprising amount of scope. This game puts the action in action RPG. Items and stats only affect attributes to items and spells, which means your success is based on actual performance.

Even spells are collected randomly throughout the environment, so adapting quickly becomes important.

The Best RPGs for the iPad

The game comes with a design aesthetic that makes it feel like it came straight from a Super Nintendo, circa This adventure game, using a distinctive pixelated style designed by Superbrothers, sends players on a quest inspired by old-school adventure games, such as Another World. Players get to take part in a story that is humorous, meta-referential, and even moving at times. The atmosphere is unlike anything else on any handheld system. Headphones are a must to enjoy this game's moving soundtrack and immersive sound design.

While portions of the game are sometimes flawed, the experience is unique to the gaming world. This is a must-play on the iPad. Yes, that Doom -- the gory first-person shooter -- is now available as a first-person RPG. All the first-person corridor exploring you would expect from Doom is here, but with turn-based combat.

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  • Each step taken or shot fired uses a turn. Reflexes aren't important, because nothing happens while standing still. Planning your course of action in the game is important. All of it still feels like Doom , making it enjoyable to fans of both classic RPGs and first-person shooters. Role-playing games RPGs are a long and proud tradition.