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Welcome notifications sent to the device s that are roaming. When you arrive in another country, you will receive a welcome message. This message will confirm one of the following depending on how your mobile device is setup:. This message is sent as a text message to the user of the device that is roaming in another country. You will not be charged for receiving this message, and it will not activate the Easy Roam daily fee. This will not activate the Easy Roam daily fee either.

Welcome email notification sent to the account owner. To ensure the account owner is aware of any potential roaming charges when any device on the account is roaming in another country, the welcome message is also sent as an email to the account owner. This is because most devices regularly consume data through apps that run in the background and features used by apps, like location services. If Easy Roam is enabled on your mobile device:.

For more information about how you will be charged while travelling, visit the support article: Understanding how you will be charged for roaming. To confirm the mobile network coverage for your destination, view the support article: Mobile network coverage map for international travelling. Troubleshoot mobile device issues while travelling. To get help on how to make calls or send texts while travelling in the US or abroad, view the support article: Make a call or send a text when travelling.

An important tip about iMessage and instant messaging apps:. If you continue to use iMessage or instant messaging without enough data in either your monthly rate plan for Easy Roam or roaming pass then additional data charges will apply.

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Once you return back to Canada, you will receive a welcome back SMS notification to confirm you are no longer roaming. At this time it is not possible to confirm your final roaming charges until you receive this summary in your applicable monthly bill.

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If your trip spanned more than one bill cycle, then the applicable roaming charges will appear on all bills covering the period when you were travelling and using your device. If you're on a plan with a limited data allowance, once you have reached your data allowance within your plan you'll need to buy more data to continue using BlackBerry Internet Services.

You can do this in your My3 account. Here's how:. If the internet still doesn't work you may not have registered your BlackBerry Internet Service. If you don't see a message asking you to register when you turn on your phone again, or you skip this part and decide to register later, follow these steps:. To import your Outlook address book to your BlackBerry Internet Service address book, complete the following tasks:. BlackBerry Internet Service cannot send or receive e-mail messages if the BlackBerry Internet Service mailbox reaches its storage limit.

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To resume sending and receiving, messages must be deleted to free space in the mailbox. You can manage your mailbox using one or more of the following:. Auto-aging moves old messages to your Deleted Items folder.

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Auto-aging can be set for individual folders. You can set whether e-mail messages are deleted from the device only, or from both the device and the BlackBerry Internet Service TM mailbox during an e-mail reconciliation. The default for Wireless e-mail Reconciliation on your handheld is Disabled. Set Wireless Reconcile to Enabled. Setting this option permanently deletes e-mail messages when deleted from the handheld. When messages are reconciled, any message that you file or delete on your handheld is also filed or deleted on your BlackBerry Internet Service TM mailbox, depending on how you set your message options.

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If wireless e-mail reconciliation is enabled on your handheld, you can reconcile e-mail messages manually with Reconcile Now. Messages in your Deleted Items folder are calculated into the total mailbox size. They are not permanently removed unless you do one of the following:. You receive an error on the BlackBerry Wireless Handheld warning that your BlackBerry Internet Service mailbox is full or has exceeded its storage capacity. As a result, you are unable to send or receive messages on the handheld.

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The exact error message varies between wireless service providers. As the BlackBerry Internet Service redirects messages to the handheld, a copy of these messages is stored in your BlackBerry Wireless Handheld mailbox. If you have not set up a plan to manage your mailbox, it will eventually reach its storage capacity. TM Mail Plus. Verify that your e-mail account provider complies with the following account integration requirements:. If you are a Yahoo!

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TM Mail account holder, you must subscribe to Yahoo! TM Mail Plus in order to integrate your Yahoo! Mail account with your BlackBerry account. To integrate a Yahoo! Mail Plus account with your BlackBerry account:. Skip Header Links. Take me to: What would you like to do?: Select One Add Line Upgrade Line.

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