S6 mobile data not working

Issue since bought phone in April. While roaming in a remote area, unable to get mobile data, i. When in this exact area, my previous phone iphone 4s worked fine.

I can't access the internet - Samsung Galaxy S6 - Optus

Tried everything — hours on call to Customer Service, hours in store with Sprint. When friend came with Samsung S5 to same area, same space, he received mobile data, I did not — still. They maybe willing to swap out my phones. Please let me know your thoughts, ideas, suggestions. Regardless of the technicalities, a brand new phone should be able to pick up good signal in an area where there is good coverage.

I think you just have the phone swapped out. Only Samsung is capable of doing something to remedy it. I cannot close my internet tabs. But I cannot find the tab icon. How do I close them. Related Problem: Internet explorer says I have reached 50 tabs to close some out, but I dont have a tabs button at the bottom of the screen to do it.

Mobile data not working on Samsung Galaxy S6 & other internet problems

Hi there i was wondering if you could help. I have Samsung S6 I use my phone for pretty much everything however I find this phone for using internet to be a nightmare. I keep getting a message on my screen when i try to click on links on websites it tells me to close tabs as maximum number has reached In most cases i have no where near 50 tabs open I close all tabs as instructed and still comes up the same even when i have only one tab this drives me crazy i upgraded from iphone 5 and i find the s6 to ve very frustrating. If your phone says you have more than 50 tabs open, then you probably have.

No worries, you can close them all at once. Hi all!

How to reset the network settings on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

My problem is with data connectivity. Any thoughts? I recently upgraded to android 5. I am wondering what has happened to the mobile data shortcut. To restore the missing mobile data switch, download the app called QuickPanel Restore from Galaxy Apps store.

Double check your phone isn't connecting to mobile internet

It will restore all icons that went missing after an update. Whenever I am on my web browser, it would just close the whole page and back to my home screen. I would go back, and the page that I opened would be gone. Can you guys figure it out why it does that? Thank you. Just clear the cache and the data of the app and it will be fixed. Hi, i have recently updated my android software and after the update i cannot use my mobile data even if its on. This means that i cant use my mobile data.

Please help!! Much appreciated! I purchased a brand new S6 but I will not connect via mobile data only wifi.

No data connection allows me to use them. I need to know how to fix this please. I have done three soft resets which has worked in the past but they are not successful. In addition, my pins inside my phone are damaged, so i cannot charge in the traditional manner. Is there any other things you would recommend? I do not know which Android version I have, nor even how to determine that, so i just picked the first one in your drop down list. Thank you. Hi Jerome. In this case, you have no other choice but to have the phone repaired or replaced.

Before you submit the device to Samsung or to any other relevant party for repair or replacement request, try to check if you can boot the phone either safe mode or recovery mode. If you can boot to any of these modes, try to check how wireless charging works. I gave up on this tactic, and i thought of using the WPS button on my router, while having the phone ready for pairing to it. A few days ago it was working.

I only use phone for wi-fi. Hi Player1down. If your phone is unable to connect to multiple separate wifi networks, the cause of the problem must be one of the following:.

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To check if an is to blame, you must boot your phone to safe mode. Safe mode blocks third party apps and services from running. If one of the installed apps is the cause, the issue should not occur while wifi is enabled. To boot to safe mode, follow these steps:. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6. It has made my phone not function. It will not turn on unless I put it in the freezer for 20 to 30 minutes. I spent months and months researching and found somebody with the same phone in the same problem they said they took it to a technician and the technician was able to get the device to power up by putting it in the freezer.

To get data , I gave it a shot and it worked. I have hard reset, soft reset and I am back on stock firmware. Once the phone Powers up it seems to work absolutely perfect besides the fact if it turns off or I turn it off it will not power back on without the freezer. Hi Bouncebackcutt. Smartphones, like regular computers, are designed to power down if the internal temperature goes beyond its designed heat threshold to prevent damaging components. Such case cannot be solved by doing software hacks. If the phone is still covered by a warranty, make sure that you have it repaired or replaced.

If our hunch is correct, the motherboard may need to be replaced, which means that you are better off with a replacement than repair. How can i fix this problem becuase without it i cannot use mobile data?

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It seems that the problem is because the phone is missing that configuration, so if there is a solution please help me out. I bought this phone in the US and had it unlocked in Ecuador South America where i currently live, and the company carrier worked out fine, though i never used mobile data until i decided to give it a try while deployed here in Iraq.

Thank you so much for your help. Hi Christhian. Assuming your phone has indeed been network unlocked, that is, its original software has been modified so it can work with other network carriers, there are other factors that you should consider. Smartphones, like the Galaxy S6, are not universally compatible with all networks around the world. For example, not all Galaxy S6 phone models are compatible with Verizon network in the United States.

As long as the device has been network unlocked, a GSM phone can work in another network as long as you insert an active SIM on it. CDMA devices, like the ones from Verizon, are notoriously difficult to configure. Hardware configuration. Another factor to consider is the hardware configuration of your phone. Each phone model, targeted to a certain network operator, has a specific network chip installed to allow it to work only in a certain frequency range.

This may be the reason why the APN settings on your phone does not appear. I just wanted to complain about the S6 and see if you feel the phone is garbage. I had the S5 for 2 years. Flawless phone until the end. Towards the end it would turn off. I think that may have had something to do with space. Now that I have deleted most stuff off it, it is fine.

Anyhow, I upgraded to the S6. After a little while I went to check my phone and the LCD screen was bleeding. Within 36 hours, I could not see my screen at all. I have an old account that has a balance on it with Verizon. Because of that old account, they would not honor the warranty. I called Samsung. Their warranty, you have to schedule a tech to come look at your device. It takes up to 11 days. What kind of garbage is that? So I was forced to file an insurance claim. Now mind you, I did not drop my phone, did not push too hard on the screen and did not get it wet.

Even the guy at the store said it looked brand new and should be covered.

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  8. Now here I am, 3 weeks later. I cannot charge my phone. Says battery too cold to charge. Are you kidding me?! The phone is not too cold, no lint in the charging port, and I did not get my phone wet. My phone is my lifeline, So I am careful with it. I do not abuse my phones!