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The Asha has a 3-inch QVGA screen x covered with hardened glass up front, with an unknown amount of internal storage supplemented by a microSD slot behind the back cover -- a 4GB card is included with every phone, but the slot'll take up to 32GB. You'll find either one or two micro-SIM slots behind the case depending on the model, both hot-swappable no need to turn the phone off. It doesn't have 3G radios, however, so your only options for pulling data are over 2G and WiFi. Returning to the outside, there's also a 3.

Below the display is one physical key, which is merely a sequential back button for retracing your steps through apps. There's no need for menu or home keys thanks to the swipe-based UI features of the new software platform, but more on that later. The device is indeed colorful as Nokia teased , and brings the vibrant palette we're used to seeing from the Finnish phone-maker.

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It comes dressed in a one-piece suit of either yellow, red, blue, green, white or black plastic, which envelopes the main body of hardware on all sides, much like the Lumia There's one nub of colored plastic forever bound to the body, you use this as leverage to pry the case off. This obviously doesn't change when swapping covers, but Nokia says the spectrum of colors compliment each other so that nub won't look ugly when paired with a different overlay.

Incidentally, the handset's loudspeaker is built around that permanent oblong of plastic, channeling sound through the gap between it and the main case -- a decision Nokia took to make the outer design as clean as possible. A volume rocker and power button of matching hue are neatly integrated into the right edge of the cover, which is otherwise bare aside from a tiny charger socket, micro-USB port and headphone jack spread across the top.

It's a cute little thing that's completely dwarfed by the behemoth proportions of modern smartphones with much larger screens, measuring It's no surprise, then, that even the smallest hands will find it easy to hold and manipulate. Despite the boxy design and sharp angles, the has comfortable curves in all the right places. It's also got that sturdy build quality Nokia is famous for -- we didn't go as far as to drop test it or anything, but it'll likely take a punch or two to the chin without complaint.

We can see it being popular in emerging markets, as the bright colors and form factor that bring it more in line with the Lumia range make for quite a desirable package. All Ashas in recent memory have used Series 40 as their OS, and although the 's app home screen may look similar, we're actually seeing a new Asha platform make its debut. Its influence is noticeable as soon as you pick up the handset, thanks to the low-power display feature which permanently shows the clock and any notifications.

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Nokia used the term "glanceable," meaning you needn't fully wake the phone to check out key tidbits. Apparently, even with this always-on screen mode, a single charge of the battery will last up to 48 days on standby, or 26 days with two SIMs -- talk time is listed as up to 17 hours. Double-tapping the display, or hitting the power button, will wake the phone into the proper lock screen. From here, you can swipe at notifications, like a text message, to jump right into it, or control the music player without having to enter the app directly.

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Nokia's also looking to bring similar features to its Windows Phone 8 line with the GDR2 update , still in development. One of Nokia's goals for the software platform was to limit the number of steps it takes to do, well, whatever you want to do. With only one physical button, this is achieved by a number of gestures. There are effectively two home screens: The Fastlane keeps tracks of everything you've done recently, so you can start playing a song from within the log, or launch an app, load up a text conversation, etc.

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Just above the log is a little bar which reads "What's on your mind? Finally, to complete the "past, present and future" tagline Nokia uses to describe it, swiping down in Fastlane will reveal upcoming events in your calendar. Now, when you're actually in an app, you can swipe inwards from the bezel to get back to the home screen. There's a remarkably slick fading effect that happens as you do this -- one of the little details that elevates the Asha platform above the aesthetically similar operating systems that came before it.

Swiping up from the bottom bezel gives you access to app menus, and dragging down from the top of the screen opens up a quick-settings and notifications list, like on Android devices. During our brief encounter with the phone, everything ran pretty smoothly -- it didn't stutter or hang while cycling through the app menus and testing out these new swipe commands. You will not only see it cut your finger but you will also hear the various tools you use, be it a chain saw or a wood cutter saw! Review Summary There are currently no reviews for this app.

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