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Was this answer helpful? Yes No. This answer closely relates to:. Suggested Solutions 10 What's this? Thai language on a galaxy s3; how or where can i download it? Anonymous "Change your language to thai by downloading the software and install them in Can you help i have bought samsung galaxy ace and need the user manual download in thai language can you help plz?

The default language of your Samsung Galaxy s4 is in English. So if you want to understand your Samsung feature and you want to set it in other language for example Thai language. You can download this Application. It is called Thai Keyboard. So you can use it properly. Thai language samsung galaxy s4? Someone said: Was this comment helpful? English is the default language of all devices. But to devices that contains another language such as thai , Spanish, etc. When you installed the firmware that is for a specific country you could not look for that language on the device.

Can you buy samsung galaxy note 8 with thai language on? You can change your language to thai by downloading the software and install them in your phone in which a thai language will now appear in the language setting. You can download this application in order to use the Thai language on your Galaxy s3: Does the samsung galaxy s3 have thai language option? Just check the settings of your phone and then after look for the language settings and then click the english language. How to change language in galaxy note from thai to english?

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Changing language in Samsung s5830i

Yes, quoted my question well- and now: Which is the answer that helps me? Where can i find and download the manual of a galaxy ace in thai language? You go to an app called android thai keyboard! How to download thai language to samsung galaxy s3 mini?

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How to change or download thai font on samsung galaxy note 2? Downloading different language fonts for samsung galaxy note 2. This discussion closely relates to:. Anonymous "I want to install arabic language on my samsung galaxy note 2? Hi , I want to install arabic language on my samsung galaxy note 2? I bought a samsung galaxy note 2 from the USA and I want to install my own language which is arabic.

How to add in put thai langauge in sumsung galaxy tab2 version 7. I want to add thai input to my sumsung galaxy tab2 version 7. I want to add in put thai langauge in my sumsung galaxy tab2 version 7. How to setup dual language in galaxy note How to setup dual keyboard language in galaxy note Anonymous "How to add thai language to os?

How to add language to input languages list.

How to add thai language to OS? Looking to buy a new mobile phone, however none of the shops appear to support a Thai language OS. How to download thai language note 4? Need thai language for my my samaung note 4. Anonymous "Please? How do I change the keyboard on the Galaxy note 8 from English to Thai please? Thai is not one of the supported languages so presumably I need t? Thai is not one of the supported languages so presumably I need to download something? My wife and I are moving abroad soon and she's in need of a new phone. For warranty purposes and reduced price I've suggested that it makes sense to wait until we get there, but she has to have access to Thai characters for email and social media.

If Thai isn't amongst the languages already installed on the phone, I need to know if it can be downloaded and installed. If not, we'll need to buy a phone here. Change the language so that most if not all of the devices settings and menus and input appear in the selected language and fontface. Keep the device setting in English, and. Download an alternate keyboard and set the additional languages and dictionaries. Easy enough. Also easy enough to add an alternate input keyboard if needed. While some phone warranties are limited to the country of purchase, others are a bit more generous Really depends on the brand and the amount spent or overspent on the device.

As far as reduced pricing While it's possible to get a great price on a phone here, more than likely you'll be paying a import fee on the phone you want. I haven't bought the phone yet, and plan to do so abroad. I'm just trying to plan ahead at this point. What I'm trying to find out is if it is possible to download and install a Thai language pack to an android phone that doesn't have Thai already installed.

The not-so-quick-there-hombre answer is, 'yes' it can be done if the device has 'Root' administrative user access.

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This usually means that a not-so-simple-process was employed to partially break the file security of the device to that changes can be made to the OS. Also, some add-on keyboard apps can also supply fonts for devices that lack those fonts, but not all applications will be able to utilize or display them. Some additional information in this article: Many of the smartphones I've purchased in the U. High-end phones are cheaper in the U.

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Low end phones are cheaper in Thailand -- but low end phones don't tend to last very long. OP your wife only needs to read and type Thai on her device does not need Thai menus , correct? If so the solution is as simple as what jolos suggested. Android by default has support for Thai characters in addition to those of major foreign languages.

So basically all Android devices worldwide can display Thai characters. However, the ability to type in Thai is generally not pre-installed in devices outside the region, but is available via download of one of the free Thai keyboards such as DroidSans from Google Play.

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In addition, some English keyboards have support for multiple languages, and are easier to use for switching between languages. I use Swype, for example, and have downloaded the Thai language in the Swype settings. I can quickly switch between English and Thai with a long press on the keyboard. Swype is such a wonderful innovation. I can't stand using a regular touch keyboard now. When I saw an early Swype video demo years back, and saw how fast they were typing, I thought it had to be fake.

But it really does work as advertised.

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The video tutorials on their website are definitely worthwhile watching to get proficient. It has problems with certain two or three letter words, but is very accurate with longer words. In fact, I can mess up the strokes for a longer word quite badly but it still can predict the correct word most of the time.

How do I change the language used on my Samsung Galaxy Ace 3? | Samsung Support UK

And as with most Android apps, you pay once and can install on virtually all your Android devices. Yes, it is possible to download the language pack to a recent android phone. Now if a phone is carrier-locked, I'm not sure about this method. In Thailand, the android mobile phones come unlocked anyway, and would include Thai language, unless they are gray-market phones.

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